Baidu is the largest search engine in China across both desktop and mobile, leading Sogou and Haosou. Together with its Smart Mini-Programs (SMP), Baidu advertising is an Anywhere Door to reach the 950+ million people of domestic internet usage in China.

In-depth Company Audit

Not every product is allowed to have paid Baidu advertising due to its strict regulations. To avoid being rejected after a lengthy business account setup, WorldTradeIt conducts a thorough company evaluation before offering you the best digital marketing solution in China.

Baidu Business Account Creation

Baidu advertising is deemed to be constructed for Chinese marketers as its platform is only available in Mandarin unfortunately, not to mention the complex documentation and licenses. Let WorldTradeIt take care of your whole Baidu business account setup properly without headaches.

AI-driven Baidu SEM

With Baidu’s well-known functionality in AI-targeting and accuracy, WorldTradeIt’s team masters in optimizing SEM campaigns and creates ad copies in the most localized context.

One-stop Baidu Display Advertising

Baidu advertising connects your brand to 600K sites under its broad display network. Supported by our Chinese advertising talents, WorldTradeIt creates highly engaging display visuals with in-market language to get your brand incorporate in the China market.

Technical Baidu SEO

From domain optimization, mobile friendliness to content creation, you will be in good hands with WorldTradeIt for your Baidu SEO ranking because we are in the know. Baidu Brand Zone Advertising is also a recommended strategy for your brand reach.

Baidu Performance Reporting

Close account follow-up means quick response to eclipse your competitors. WorldTradeIt’s dedicated team generates intuitive, visualized reports of your Baidu advertising and performance campaign results regularly.

15+ Years’ Expertise in Baidu Ecosystem

WorldTradeIt is familiar with the rules of Baidu advertising, including Chinese legal advertising requirement and its large variety of ad formats. There are no longer barriers to entry as we will ensure your Baidu ads to gain high reach and hence sales growth in China.

Localized Chinese Context in Ads

We aim to optimize your Baidu advertising by personalizing context in every search engine marketing strategy. With our tremendous big data aggregated over the years, setting up precise targeting and localized appealing keywords will facilitate your Baidu ad delivery.

International Office Support

We work with Australian, Thai, Korean and other brands, forging paths for them to enter China market. Wherever your company is from, WorldTradeIt offers bilingual support from our Hong Kong headquarter, native Mandarin experts as well as other local offices to navigate your Baidu advertising.