Southeast Asia Social Media & KOL Marketing

Southeast Asians are highly engaged on global social media marketing platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, but to resonate with local audiences, you need to understand their respective cultural background, language, and social codes. WorldTradeIt goes beyond by leveraging the 200,000+ cross-platform database from , to strategically select the Southeast Asia KOL of your right fit. Reaching the 4.2 million social media users is a piece of cake.

Southeast Asia Programmatic Display & Video Marketing

Programmatic advertising takes up a great portion of the Southeast Asia market with video accounting for 40% of its total programmatic ad spends. Powered by extensive big data and our powerful range of network alliances, WorldTradeIt incorporates granular audience insights into campaigns and facilitate effective ad delivery across Southeast Asia to your targeted audience.

Southeast Asia SEM & SEO

Besides Google, WorldTradeIt’s digital marketing experts are also seasoned with popular digital marketing and ecommerce platforms and country-specific search behaviour in Southeast Asia across industries. With thorough keyword analysis and strategies empowered by our intelligent PPC optimization system , we are here to fully charge your SEM and SEO campaigns and optimize your site performance. Double conversions and sales? Not a problem.

Southeast Asia Content Marketing & Distribution

Consisting of more than 10 countries, Southeast Asia has a great diversity of demographics, cultures and consumer behaviours. Our local content team in Southeast Asia keep abreast of the fads and curate in-market content not limited to press releases, social media posts, videos, articles, etc. Most importantly, our 1,600+ media network ensures targeted content distribution to relevant key medias, and thus the right Southeast Asians for your KPIs.

Southeast Asia Office Support

Seamless integration to the local markets with appropriate Asian languages and culture eliminates the barriers of your Southeast Asia digital marketing plan. WorldTradeIt’s digital specialists station in the top countries of Southeast Asia, namely Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam, which also own most of the internet users in the region.

Trusted Digital Marketing Partner in Southeast Asia

WorldTradeIt is in the knowhow of tailoring one-stop digital marketing service for the “ sunrise industries ” in Southeast Asia, which are identified as E-commerce, Real Estates, Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, etc., not to mention our sophisticated AI technology and big data.

High-tech, Effortless Ad Delivery

Southeast Asia’s digital landscape is highly competitive but with our advanced digital marketing technology, high-quality media presence and reach can be achieved via the extensive ad inventories on channels like OTT, audio, social media and even premium DOOH on both mobile and desktop.